Caption Contest!!!!

Hello! Its time for a CAPTION CONTEST!!!

You have 1 week to enter and 3 days to vote.

Good luck!

Caption THIS


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The Heat Is Hot!

Did you know how dangerous heat can be to rabbit? Especially long hared breeds, such as the Lion Head. There are thing you can do to keep your bunny cool.


  • Feed your rabbit a frozen treat,  an ice cube! (Check out Bunnies Love Ice Cubes!!)
  • Freeze some water in a bottle, and put it in your bunny’s cage for him/her to lay on.
  • Keep your bunny hydrated! Give him/her cold water, you can even add an ice cube to it.
  • Clean the cage regularly in heat…. it doesn’t make them cooler, but the smell HAS to be unbearable!

Any other ideas for bunny owners? Post ‘m in the comments below!!

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Time To Vote!

Its time to vote for the winning caption, and here are the entries:

Crissy Crosby said,

Now that Easter is over I’ve put the bunny in the outgoing mail tray!

Real Life Farm Wife said,

No, dog. You get the top bunk.

allieoop2004 said,

Dude, please, i’m NOT a dog toy!

makinghomeschoolfun said,

Tag! You’re it!!

Vote here (Please don’t vote for yourself!):

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Photo Contest; The Second Edition!

Its that time again! The Everything Bunnies photo caption contest! We’ll have a new picture, and new entries and new winners!


Caption Contest Photo



Let we go over how everything works again….


  1. You’ll have 2 weeks to enter and 1 week to vote. (Enter in the comments and vote in the poll, please!)
  2. Please include your name, email and caption.
  3. Three finalists are chosen, then are viewers vote the winner!
Entries Start: 4/22/12
Entries End: 5/6/12
Voting Starts: 5/7/12
Voting Ends: 5/14/ 12

Enjoy the contest!

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Timothy Hay

Has your bunny tried Timothy Hay? I remember the day i first picked some up at the store for for my first bunny, Sasha. I never regretted that. She loved it. I rewarded her with it all the time, for tricks, for using her litter box, and just for be a good girl. But i also learned that its diffrent for ecery bunny. Like cats with cat nip, not all of them love it! I gave some to Mocha, it wasn’t his favorite. I put some on top of his food one morning, and he dug right through it! (He must have eaten it, because its gone!) So, if its your bunny’s first time trying it, buy a small pack to see if he likes it or not.


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Bunnies Love Ice Cubes!!

Have you ever thought to give your rabbit an ice cube? Its ok if you answers no, most people haven’t. You might put one in your dog or cats water bowl, but never your bunny’s cage! Well Mocha just loved it. My rabbits water is usually room temperature, and i don’t freeze his food….. so its probably brand new for him. We discovered how he loved it when someone dropped an ice cube by Mocha’s cage, he was right there… so he got his first ice cube.

Another treat i want to try for him is “Ice Cube Carrots” (Cucumber, tomato, you get it) Well i want to freeze some veggies that he likes in ice cubes. he’s gonna love it. Why don’t you try freezing your rabbits fave snack? Let us know how it turned out!

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Hello, Everythingbunnies readers!

The time that you have all been waiting for, THE FINALISTS!

And the best part, voting chooses the winner!

And here they are, are finalists:

Real Life Farm Wife with,

“I sure hope they don’t mistake me for a dust bunny down here!”

Kerra Casteel with,

“Where am i? What’s going on? Who are you? Why am i here? Why do you have a camera? Why is your brother screaming his lungs out?” LOL

Allie with,

“Uhm! What am i supposed to say! I mean, i’m a rabbit! And rabbits don’t talk! Ah, just forget it!” -Allie

This will be fun! So, vote today! You have 1 week!

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